BOTS Update 2016/17

Hey everyone,

So here’s the deal with BOTS this year. We were hoping that the people who manage FPL would create team-based league capability this season. We knew it was a long shot, but we’re once again left with a league format that cannot be managed and run strictly through the FPL website. Setting up a team based league, and a team based league based on H2H fixtures between individuals on each team each week is mindblowingly tedious. Tabulated the results and posting them to the BOTS website is equally tedious.

The excitement that comes with pre-season generates a HUGE amount of enthusiasm and interest, which makes all of the work that goes into setting up and running these leagues worthwhile, but what typically happens is that the enthusiasm wears off over time and by the time the middle of the season comes around we have 30 or so participants who are actively involved, engaged and perpetuating the girls vs guys banter which is so much a part of why we created the leagues in the first place.  Although the interest tends to wear off and participation levels decline, the same amount of hard work that goes into setting fixtures, tabulating and posting results, etc. does not go away, and we’re left with a few individuals spending tons of time manually administering a league where only 1/3 of the participants remain actively engaged.  We get that this is human nature, but it doesn’t make sense to continue going through all of the hard work it takes to run these unique leagues the way that they were originally set up.

We agree that the H2H fixtures each week and the overall team-based approach is ideal, but without a way to run them automatically through FPL we no longer have the manpower or the certainty of season-long enthusiasm and participation to make it worth the trouble of managing them “manually”.

So…… we’re simplifying things this year and running two classic leagues. Each classic league will have 32 girls and 32 guys; that means there are only enough spots for 64 girls and 64 guys in BOTS this year.  We will be running H2H comps throughout the season which will be just like what BOTS participants are accustomed to, but the “main” setup of BOTS will be 2 separate Classic Leagues of 32 girls and 32 guys each.

Each gameweek the leagues will be reviewed and the top scoring person in the league will receive 20 team points for their respective team, the person scoring the second highest for the gameweek will receive 19 team points for their respective team, so on and so on. The total team points earned for the week will then be tabulated and the team with the highest number of earned points wins the gameweek – easy peasy.

So some gameweeks both girls’ teams will win, some gameweeks both guys’ teams will win, and some gameweeks may be split. Either way, it will allow us to keep the BOTS phenomenon going and keep the gender-based banter flowing throughout the season, and as mentioned above, we will augment things with separate H2H competitions throughout the season to really ramp up the fun and keep the H2H feel of things solidified at least partially.

We have one big problem though: the excitment, enthusiasm and interest is OFF THE CHARTS this year. With only 64 spots available on both sides of the gender-bashing, the guys’ side of the field leaves us with 64 spots available and already over 125 people expressing interest in participating.  We’re trying to work out how to resolve this as fairly as possible but in the end we will still be left with many, many people disappointed and not being involved in either of the two Classic Leagues.

The fairest way to set the 64 participants on the men’s side is as follows:

Contact those who participated last  year and confirm that they not only wish to participate again, but that they also commit to remaining an active participant throughout the season. We really do need those who participate to be active throughout the season and remain involved in the BOTS banter as it truly is what makes these leagues so special. Speaking as someone who helped start, organize and manage the leagues the first year we did this, it really is a bummer when you see week after week go by where people who are participants in the league are not active on Twitter or even worse, remain active on Twitter but either forget that they have a BOTS matchup and a BOTS adversary to banter with, or completely ignore the league altogether. When people start complaining that the person they’re up against isn’t responding to their tweets, or their opponent hasn’t been active on Twitter since the start of the season, the leagues lose a bit of their excitement and the tedious management of the leagues becomes tedious to the point of wondering why you’re doing so much work when 30 out of 100 people are having any fun or being engaged in the process.

So please, if you have participated in the past, you WILL have the first opportunity to renew your participation, but if you really aren’t into it or don’t really care whether you participate or not, let us know and we will be happy to give your spot to one of the newly interested folks who are trying so hard to get into the leagues and see what they’re all about.

And if you are a newbie who hasn’t participated yet, please continue to express your enthusiasm. We will get this figured out over the coming weeks and want you all to know that we place a premium on making sure that the people who are involved in the leagues remain enthusiastic and perpetuate the fun and enjoyment that the leagues are really all about and that makes them so special. We have a very unique and fun-filled group here and we want to do everything possible to ensure that the league remains full of the people who really and truly want to be in them.

We will keep you posted on our progress.  There are 5 of us (well 7 really, but the 2 female members of the admin group will not be involved in selecting the guys’ side of the draw) who are part of the BOTS admin team and we will be working together throughout the preseason to figure out how the participant list will be resolved.

We’ll keep you posted and want to tell you how much we truly appreciate your excitement and interest.

If you’re an previous participant who would like to give up your spot, let us know.

If you’re a newly interested guy who really, really, really, REALLY wants to join, please continue to let us know that too.


Walt, Darren, Gob, Paco and Junkie


BOTS Guys 2016/17

I Can’t Take Capoue @4everHornets abhed nair @abhednair
Lin-guard @AliTahir132 #Sonaleeian Amogh @Amogh_09
Tring Trotters @andjope Moti @BoasCFC
Lower League Losers @Andrewgfc Brendan 0 Walsh 1 @Brendan_Walsh1
Thundering Typhoons @ankitdhul Michael @bridger_ma
Rampaging Lions @ankitdhul Chris @ChrisDowd2013
SS Milky Milkshake @arshifpl11 Mr. Holliday @CoachHolliday83
That’ll Be The Ayew @barCOLEYna DAILY FPL @Daily_FPL
lallanas in Pyjamas @bigmacca73 S. @DaretoZlataaan
KESHA LOVERZ FC @bryanBoen Jamie Ellis @ellisiantheory
Mi Redentor Vive @CallumFPLonly Joao Penetra @ExT8
Bambali Bhediyas @codename04 Footy Fetish @footy_fetish
Crazy J FC @crazedfpl FPL Forecast @fpl_forecast
The Dead Rabbits @cricketsong117 FPL Junior @Fpl_Junior
Fire Squad @darrenwilson_09 FPL MUPPET @FPL_MUPPET
Ostrich Army @dazman1982 My Love is Blind @FPL_Raj
Deepak FC @DeepakGoplani8 FPL_SAUCE @fpl_sauce
El Padrino @deGob_ FPL AID @FPLAid
Eleven Azpilicuetas @DieHardCFCFan Kaarthik @FPLBunny
The Kop @dylanfinn92 FPLCAM @FPLCam
Leave My Arse-elona! @evanmillerick FPL Chips @fplchips
Martial Pards @FantasyEagles FantasyFootballTalk @FPLFantasyTalk
Strictly4MyNemanjas @fantasyxfactor fPL fRAuD @FplFraud
FPL_Atik @FPL_Atik FPL Jesus @FPLJesus
Fly @FPL_fly FPL Maestro @FPLMaestro
Underdogs United @fpl_intellect FPL SHADY @FPLShady
Junkmaster @FPL_JUNKIE FPL Stag @FPLStag
Ctrl Alt de Laet @fpl_opinion FPL Thunshot @FPLThunshot
Priceless FC @FPL_transtips Steven McCrudden @fratpack44
FPL Boosters Hooters @fplbooster Gethin Morgan @GethinMogs
ChihuahuaBuzz @FPLChi John G @GriftersUnited
FPL Academy @FPLCoach Always Cheating @hailcheaters
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Beastie Boys @FPLWalt Kev McGuire @kevmac4782
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The Mutt Nuts v4 @HannSolo42 Phil Henderson @LLcoolPhil
Dog Pound @hornby27hornby FPL_Singham @MilkinadFC
The Big Red Machine @HridhayRajkumar Nicholas Dolamore @ndolamore
mahbubnagar united @imSabeel FPL Pad Ful @PadFul
griffin united @jaspritsudan Panagiotis sidiras @pano_sidiras
El Patron @matt_henry richard Dear @rdear199
UnitedWeStand @MoJuboori Mo Hazari @RealMojo8901
Beepy’s Mercy @mozzy86 Richard Jenkins @RichieFlair92
Depay for the Shaw @MufcKhalilou69 Romdhane Denguezli @RomdhaneD
Betr Not Cech @myousuf09 Raghav Sawhney @rsawhney56
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Potty Morbid FC @PottyMorbid Andrew @themrkrueger
The Downward Spiral @Rev0lusean Tor @thenorwegianred
Beasts Unleased @rsawhney56 threesticks @thr3Est1cks
Kidzio United @sengkwee vignesh bhatt @vigneshbhatt
Schpace Monkeys FC @SpaceMonkeysFPL Harish Yadav @yadavharish05
Wanyama’s in Pyjamas @steviefeet
Lallana del Rey @sushant20
thebikeryogi @thebikeryogi
Warpig United @ucslacker
Wildcoast Warriors @vicksrama05
POSH COCKNEY @wilkspeakydave


I don’t know why I’m doing this but I just am. There’s a part of me that’s a bit empty; a part of me that misses the daily interaction and the banter and the camaraderie and the feeling of just being a part of something that I loved and enjoyed. There is no greater joy for me than talking, reading, commenting on and being immersed in football.

I’m a weird guy.  For a reason I’m not sure of, and a reason that I wish I could get a handle on, God has cursed me with a trait that in 48 years I haven’t been able to shake. I stick with things that I shouldn’t stick with for longer than I should. Whether it’s an old girlfriend I should have dumped, a douchebag employer who didn’t deserve me caring more about his company than he did, or a Twitter experience that spiraled downward with each passing day, I am just a glutton for punishment.

There’s a large, rational and healthy part of my brain that knows when it’s time to quit, when it’s time to stand up and say “Hey….fuck you; you’re treating me like shit…..I’m out of here and you’re gonna miss me”. But there’s a bigger part of my brain that refuses to hurt people; that instead of saying “Sorry you chose to be an ass and treat me poorly, I’m gone”, instead defies all logic and rationale and says “Oooh Walt, don’t be the fucker that didn’t give them a second chance; they’ve seen how they’ve treated you poorly and they are genuinely asking for and deserving of another chance”.  At which point they promptly take advantage of said second chance, take advantage of my weakness, and turn the tables such that they cut ties on their timetable, at their discretion, in a way that piles on top of the additional vulnerability I’ve allowed them to have and I’m the one getting hurt and looking like the weak one in the process.

It’s happened more times than I count; and every single time…..every single mother fucking time…’s been my fault. 48 years, and whatever you want to call it, it continues to curse me.

I write this post tonight because I miss you. I have so many regrets about my disappearance from Twitter, especially because I involved so many people and have always been an advocate of finishing what you started.  I’ve started so many leagues that I’ve become disappointed about because people didn’t follow through on their participation, or didn’t bother to stay dialed into the train of information they needed to in order to make the most of their experience. And here I sit, having started so many fun leagues with so many awesome, enthusiastic people, who I’ve simply abandoned.

It hurts. I’m disappointed in myself…. embarrassed at the way my Twitter experience unfolded…. and deeply sorrowful for vanishing from the responsibility I assumed and intended to carry out for the benefit of everyone who went out of their way to use up one of their league spots for a league that I was creating or managing or asking them to be a part of. Despite my irresponsible actions I took that role seriously.

I don’t know what those of you reading this post know or don’t know, but I’m involved in an employment situation that has spun out of control. I stayed in a position I should have left for three years too long. Just like that super hot girlfriend who I gave the second chance to in my late twenties/early thirties, the comfort of the position, the avoidance of the effort it would take to move, and the shying away from someone I was afraid to hurt, even though it was the right decision for me, ended up with me putting up with it for WAY TOO LONG and with me being the one who’s hurt.

I thought I was doing the right thing by giving my employer adequate notice and by offering to stay on board to train the person who would be replacing me, but as things would inevitably go, they interviewed someone who was not currently working, and in feeling rushed to find a replacement for someone (me) who they knew wanted out, they offered her the position and I have spent the past three weeks not only training her to take over for me, but I have also had to put on a happy face and try not to make her realize that the position she’s agreed to take is one where she will be shit on at every corner.

The end result and the yield of this entire, completely fucked up experiment in “doing the right thing”, is anger. I can’t participate on Twitter right now even if I wanted to. For the past couple of years, Twitter has been my outlet, my place to vent and release a lot of the pent up angst that embodied the bullshit I’ve been going through. And it worked; it was therapeutic and wonderful because I could just spout off at the mouth and say whatever the fuck I wanted.

Most of you didn’t know it was a much-needed relief valve from the pressures I was facing at work. All you knew was that there was some hot-headed Yank acting like a complete douchebag on a daily basis.  It was mutually beneficial.  You gave me the air I needed to let loose and I gave you the nonsense that maybe you laughed at sometimes and thought “I’m glad he said a lot of the stupid shit I’ve been thinking……what a dick…but hey, that’s cool.”

But the fun part is over. I’m a real person with a real family counting on me to support them. The problems I have today can’t be resolved by saying stupid shit on Twitter and calling Jordi Alba a big fat pussy, although we all know I’m right.

The fact of the matter is that I don’t know what to do with the anger. I’ve given everything I’ve had to my firm over the past 10 1/2 years…I’ve been the person that the entire firm could count on to do things right, solve problems, and fix the messes that have come our way.  Given my questionable dialogue and commentary, it may seem strange to you that I would be a professional employee with a lot of responsibility, but in actuality, I am FUCKING AWESOME at what I do.

But me and my boss have a substantial disagreement over what I consider to be his questionably unethical behavior and the standards that I know our clients expect and deserve. In a battle like this, there’s only one winner.  And that leaves me, the person fighting so hard for 10 1/2 years to put together an organizational structure that our employees and clients can be proud of, on the outside looking in. I have cared about our organization more than anyone has, I have fought for our organization to meet every industry standard imaginable, I have successfully guided our firm through audit after audit of every regulatory body you can imagine. And through it all, the policies and procedures I have fought to instill have stood the test of time and seen our company through some very tense circumstances.

Yet after all of this, I am the one on the outside looking in. I am the one, who, after 10 1/2 years of consistent success and organizational growth, has to explain to recruiters why on Earth I am leaving a firm that I have worked at for 10 1/2 years and have helped succeed to such a great extent. They can’t figure it out. “If I owned that company and you did all of these things for 10 1/2 years, I would do everything in my power to keep you”, they say. “What could possibly make you want to leave…..if I were him I would take away all of the responsibility you don’t want and allow you to focus on the parts of your job you like.”  But I can’t tell them that I disagree with my boss over certain business practices and that he has stated “If you don’t trust what I’m doing then we can’t work together”.  I can’t say that to ANYBODY.  Instead, I have to wiggle out of the obvious question and come up with any multitude of answers that can’t possibly adequately answer the question of why I’ve decided to leave.

Some of them think I’ve done something wrong and have been escorted to the door and fired.  When I tell them I’ve tried to do things the right way and offer to not only help hire but to train my replacement, they think I’m insane.  And it turns out that I am.  In attempting to do the right thing, I’ve painted myself into a corner and put myself in a position that is almost impossible to explain myself out of without tearing the curtain to the side and sheepishly acknowledging that me and my boss don’t see eye to eye on operational procedures. No one wants to hear that….no one.

So I gotta tell you….I’m mad.  I’m so fucking angry I can’t think straight. Venting my anger on Twitter, as you’ve all seen in the past, would be easy.  But come on, admit it, it makes me look like an asshole.  And believe me, with all that’s been going on, I’m quite tired of looking and feeling like an asshole.

But I don’t know what to do. I’m so angry I have steam coming out of my ears and I feel like one of those people you see on a tv commercial talking about how unfair things are. I’ve done everything the right way, even to the point of it being to my own detriment, yet I’m stuck in a situation that is difficult to explain without either someone not believing me or recognizing that I’ve shot myself in the foot all in the name of “doing the right thing”.  As with being an administrator for almost 11 years, it’s thankless and only ends up hurting me, just like that fucking hot bitch I went out with twenty years ago who I let shit all over me, broke up with, then gave a chance to make me feel like a pile of dog shit.

Maybe one day I’ll learn, but for now I’m just completely fucking pissed off. And that’s why I’m gone.

But despite all of this crap, there’s one thing that also is really important for me to say and to share.  I miss all of you who I’ve interacted with and who gave me the time of day to talk about football with.  I may be a shitty FPL manager, but my love for the game is real, and my appreciation for all of your dialogue, banter, and discourse is real as well.  I’m sorry I’ve not lived up to my end of the bargain, sorry that I’ve bowed out when faced with a difficult situation I’m not sure how to deal with, and want to let all of you know how much I value and appreciate everything you’ve said, every laugh we’ve shared, and every comment you’ve cared enough to send my way.

Twitter has been so much fucking fun.  I don’t know what the future holds in store, but for right now, I want to thank all of you for the time you took to interact with the idiot from America who turned into such a fucking asshole when the going got tough and he got all bitter and shit.

It’s really not who I am….although I realize that this is probably hard for you to  believe.

Good luck to all of you for the rest of the season and I just don’t know how things are going to go. Right now I simply must work as hard as I can to find my next job.  My current situation is VERY uncomfortable and I will not pain you with the details any more than I already have.  Thanks to those of you who have reached out with well wishes.  I’m sorry that this has become my reality but it is what it is.  I wish things could be different at the moment.




A Message from the King of the Moshpit – @leegiles81

Picture the scenario: you joined an #FPL minileague with 1,555 other FPL fanatics and the season has been going well.  You find yourself finishing GW37 in 3rd place; 3 pts behind FC INTERNAZIONALE and 4 pts behind another FPL juggernaut in Space Monkeys XI.  You know GW38 is the poker equivalent of a crapshoot and you have a 4 pt deficit to make up.  You’re not sure whether the guys ahead of you may take a hit but since they’re protecting a lead maybe you’re inclined to think that they are playing it safe to not only protect their minileague position but their overall rank position as well.

Knowing Hazard has had three teeth ripped out of his jaw and Wenger could be inclined to rest his main players in the lead up to the FA Cup final, you roll the dice, taking a 4 pt hit.  Out goes Hazard and out goes Cazorla and in their place come the lightly used Theo Walcott and the recently prolific Yaya Toure.  The gameweek deadline comes and goes and 2 1/2 hours later you realize that both of the guys you offloaded will start after all.  Maybe you panic a little.  At the very least you begin to wonder if you made the right call.  And then the gameweek begins….

This is the position @leegiles81 found himself in as GW38 began.  Having already had a successful season by anyone’s standards, he saddled up, took the 4 pt hit, and let the proverbial cards fall as they may.  Imagine you are in his shoes and following GW38 every minute.  Theo scores!  Theo scores again!!  It’s a masterstroke except for the fact that the pesky Cazorla, who many thought would be rested, is quickly racking up two assists and putting a slight damper on the pointsfest that is the brilliant move of bringing Theo in, who has now ravaged West Brom for a hat trick and appears thirsty for more.  I don’t know what Lee was doing in that moment but I hope he was three pints in to a beauty of a day.  After all, he was about to eclipse both FC INTERNAZIONALE and Space Monkeys XI and snag the Moshpit FPL crown while finishing the season in an enviable position of 272nd out of over 3.5 MILLION FPL managers.

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate @leegiles81 for his well-deserved championship and also to thank EVERYONE who participated in the Moshpit minileague and formed a league of over 1,500 enthusiastic managers.  I couldn’t be prouder to have started a league that so many enthusiastic managers have enjoyed, and I couldn’t be prouder to congratulate Mr. Lee Giles on his fantastic accomplishment.

Okay, so enough from me…I know you want to hear from our Champion…our Moshpit King.  Here is a message from the champ…..

Hi my name is Lee Giles.  I’m 34years old and live in Swindon in England and I’m a big Swindon Town fan.  After 2 years of missing deadlines and transfers, I decided to be more committed in my 3rd year of FPL.

I started by identifying my big players Hazard,Costa and Aguero and then building my team around them. I decided early on only to captain big players. I was one of many who dropped Costa GW3 when he was an injury doubt…that hurt!  But getting Harry Kane early helped; especially having him in my starting line up for the Chelsea game!

One transfer which stays in my mind is GW38 bringing in Theo Walcott and his hat trick,which ultimately helped me past the finishing line to win FPL Walt’s Moshpit mini league.

There is a great community of FPL players and websites, so a big Thank You goes out to FPLWalt, Matthew Martyniak (Friday night team talk!) and injury expert Ben Dinnery as well as many others.

Lee – thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and CONGRATULATIONS on beating out over 1,500 enthusiastic FPL managers to take the 2014/15 FPL Moshpit crown.  We are proud to have you as our Champion and hope to continue to get to know you better as we enjoy our break and prepare ourselves for next year, where you have a highly coveted Championship to defend.

Please follow Lee on Twitter at @leegiles81

Thanks buddy!



Hey guys,

So here’s the deal. I knew there would be issues with the consolidation of BOTS1-4 and that keeping BOTS5 intact would inevitably lead to some people in BOTS5 wanting to be in the bigger BOTSREBOOTED group.  Managing all of the leagues was simply too time consuming so Hollie is going to manage the BOTS5 league and post weekly results on her blog while the BOTSREBOOTED league will be maintained on the BOTS website.

All of this stuff takes time, effort and organization and it was inevitable that there would be a few issues with putting the new league together. At the time we closed the league I was happy and satisfied and comforted by the fact that there were an even number of people in the league, that all competitors weekly scores could easily be found on the FPL site, and the only thing that Tania and Paco (who have graciously volunteered to handle compiling and posting results) would have to do was match up teams name on the FPL site with team names on our fixture list, plug in the numbers, and voila!

But then a few DMs started popping up from people who either didn’t have a chance to join the new league, weren’t sent a code to join the new league, or were in BOTS5 and thus weren’t offered a chance to join the new, larger league. Hollie and I scrambled around on Friday night squeezing a few extra people in an coordinating things to make sure that the numbers stayed even, but the thought of people not being in the league who wanted to be in the league always gnaws at me.

So…I’m not going to broadcast it, but I’m going to deal directly with those most affected.  Hollie as co-creator of the league and Captain of the girls, Tania and Paco (our wonderful Mexican volunteeros;)), and those of you who have wanted to join the new league but either didn’t get an invite or weren’t able to join in time but still want to be involved.

Given that Tania and Paco have taken over the task of compiling results, it frees up some time for me and I want to do what I can to get all of you into the league. So here’s what I propose:

I will add @BoasCFC @stevecook9 and @dylanfinn to the guys team manually…and I will add @HollyShand to the girls team manually. We are going to need to find two additional girls to join the league and when we find them I will add them manually as well.  I will also volunteer to find the weekly scores for each 6 of these teams and send them to Tania and Paco so that they can fill in the gameweek results without having to do any more work.

Please send me a tweet or a DM confirming that a) you understand what’s going on and b) that you DO want to be added to the league.

For individual table purposes, I am going to create 3 post-dated GW23 matchups at random so that you each have a “result” for GW23 that can be included in Goblin’s table that he’s putting together.  If we can get the two new girls confirmed by tomorrow afternoon I will also add the 3 new GW24 fixtures to the GW24 fixture list that I’ll be putting together today.

That work for everybody?  I hope so…I really want everyone who WANTS to be in the league to have a chance to participate so hopefully this resolution will be workable for all involved.  Let me know if you have any questions or concerns, okay?


Important Update for BOTS4


Hello there gang! Well first things first…I know you’re all dying to know how the first gameweek of H2H fixtures went this week, so let’s go ahead and get some results out there for the sake of pride and banter:

BOTS4 GW11 Final

Yes, the soon to be officially named Team Girlie put an old-fashioned whoopin’ on the gents. One day we will up the ante and come up with all kinds of cool (and appropriate) team-related wagers (imagine the fun in picking your opponent’s Twitter avatar for the week after beating them or composing a few self-aggrandizing tweets that they’d be forced to post the week following your victory;)) but for now I know you will get much enjoyment from simply steamrolling us and leaving us to sit and wonder what went wrong.

A Quick Note Regarding What Went Wrong and How We Can Fix It

If you haven’t figured out by my weekly FPL score yet, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed. The great idea I had to set the BOTS4 league up on FPL for UNLIMITED entries totally backfired in my face; kinda like my decision to sell Sterling and Welbeck for Hazard and Sakho. I mistakenly thought that setting it up as UNLIMITED would allow people to join over time and allow us to expand the league without having to set up a new one. I was very, very wrong. H2H leagues, regardless of how many people you allow in them, always lock to new entrants at the GW deadline in which the league starts. I didn’t realize that until after the deadline when the person I sent the code to told me he couldn’t get in. Well, he was right; and there was nothing I could do about it.

SO….we have an odd number of people in the BOTS4 league on the FPL site and we need to fix things; so here’s what we’re going to do. I am going to set up a BOTS4B H2H league in FPL with a GW12 start. Over the next two weeks we will fill it with as many equal numbers of girls and guys that we can. When the GW12 deadline approaches, we will ensure that there is an equal number of girls and guys and we will ADD the girls and guys from BOTS4B to the main BOTS4 group for the purposes of our Battle of the Sexes Team Comp.

NOTE: If you are in the current BOTS4 H2H league on the FPL site, YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING. Everything will stay as it is in the league with one exception; we will remove one person from the league on the FPL site (we will coordinate everything with them) so that the numbers of girls and guys are even again and we will enter that person in the BOTS4B league so that they remain part of our group.

All members of both BOTS4 and BOTS4B will be included in the weekly girls vs guys team competition and the weekly fixture list generated will incorporate all members of both leagues. We’ll be bigger than any of the other BOTS leagues out there at the moment, and it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. So,,,on the FPL site we will appear as two separate leagues, but we will actually be one large Battle of The Sexes minileague made up of everyone in BOTS4 AND BOTS4B. I hope this makes sense.

Hollie and I hope you are enjoying things so far. As the GW12 deadline approaches I will send out an updated post updating all of you on the final members of BOTS4 along with their Twitter handles and the new, expanded fixture list. The team name for the guys is just about ready to be announced so that will happen within the next day or two. Get ready….it’s a good one.

Please let us know if you have any questions in the meantime…and kudos to Team Girlie on a fantastic GW11.


Walt and Hollie

Battle of the Sexes 4: Are You Ready to RUMBLE!?!


Hello hello hello….welcome to #FPL Battle of the Sexes; where there is no better feeling than winning your weekly H2H matchup against a quality manager of the opposite sex and earning 3 oh-so valuable points for your fellow teammates who are counting you to help out the team.

We’ve had exciting results in the 3 other leagues we have started – even a couple of gameweek draws! – and we are looking forward to this league, League 4, getting started this weekend.

This is just a quick primer on how #BOTS works and what to expect, and also a little informational post to let you know where things stand going into the weekend. So you all have taken the first step; that is joining the Battle of the Sexes H2H 4 minileague via the official #FPL site.  The #FPL site will calculate our points each week, accounting for any point hits that you may take along the way, and we will use the scores from the #FPL site to plug into our self-generated H2H fixture list pitting you each week against a member of the opposite sex.

We essentially have two leagues:

League 1 is the H2H minileague that plays out on the FPL site. Each week your opponent is randomly generated by the FPL computers and you will play a H2H matchup against whoever the FPL computer randomly selects. Some weeks it will be a girl; some weeks it will be a guy. Like all other FPL minileagues, you will earn 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, and 0 points for a loss. The individual competition will continue to play out on the FPL site through the remainder of the season, and the current standings in the individual H2H league will be on full display through the FPL Leagues page that you’re accustomed to. This, however, is not the real reason we are all here. The real reason we are all here is based on League 2.

League 2 is the TEAM competition; where by necessity we generate our own fixture lists to ensure that every girl is matched up against a guy every single week. Scoring will be taken from the points accumulated and displayed on the FPL site and your weekly game score will be credited to your team-related H2H matchup. If you are a girl and you win your weekly H2H matchup vs the guy you’re up against, you win 3 points for Team Girlie. A draw earns you 1 point and a loss earns you 0. At the end of the gameweek, all scores are posted, the winner of each matchup is determined, 3 points is awarded to each individual winner, and the total points earned by the girls each week will be the GW score for Team Girlie and the total points earned by the guys each week will be the GW score for Team Dudes.

It will look a little something like this….

BOTS3 GW9 Final


Where Things Stand With #BOTS4

At the time of writing, BOTS4 is just about full. There are a few people we are waiting on to join so we go into Saturday of GW11 with a few i’s to dot and a few t’s to cross.  Because we have a few details to sort out, we are going to hold off a little bit on announcing team names until we get further into the weekend. Gentlemen, I will have a separate blog post sent out to each of you momentarily calling for one final round of voting on our team name, so that should be sorted by the time GW11 kicks off and we will most likely announce it some time tomorrow.

With regards to BOTS4, there is a unique detail for this league that differs from the other leagues we’ve started, but it’s a necessary one. Because organizing and managing 4 separate BOTS leagues has become so time intensive, we are leaving BOTS4 “open-ended”. What that means is that instead of locking things in at the current roster of 15 girls vs 15 guys, we will add new people to the league in equal increments as time goes on. For example, if after next week we hear from 2 girls who missed out on the start of the league but want to get involved, we will add them, along with 2 guys to keep the numbers even, and insert them into the fixture list accordingly. This is to prevent us from needing to start a 5th league later on as the popularity continues to grow. We’ll see how it works as we go along and we may reconsider this approach if it causes problems for you guys, the core group of BOTS4, down the road. But for now, that’s the idea, so that we can continue to incorporate new people into the league without creating additional leagues.

So….. as of right now, below you will find the first official fixture list for BOTS4, including the Twitter names of each participant and their team name as identified on the official FPL site. Please note that if you change your FPL team name frequently it gets difficult for your opponents to know who you are; so please keep that in mind as you go along. The banter that goes along with this league is second to none. You will have an ABSOLUTE blast, and in doing so, it’s always good to know who you’re talking to, right? 😉

Alright, so here you go……..the KICK-OFF fixtures for BOTS4….

BOTS4 GW11 Fixtures

Good luck and thanks for joining….we hope you find this league to be some of the best fun you’ll have with your FPL experience this year. We also have some great ideas for the future as well. Let the banter begin!!